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Updated: April 20, 2021

About VST

Welcome to the latest release of Vocera Secure Texting (VST)! The VST solution extends the power of the Vocera Communications System to physicians and care teams that are located outside the hospital. VST balances security and convenience by providing a secure, easy to use, HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS as well as basic voice capabilities to enhance communication and collaboration. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Vocera platform, providing texting and voice capabilities across Vocera end points.

The Vocera Secure Texting solution provides the following features:

If you are logged into one of the clients or the Administration Console, you can find documentation for this version of VST at the following locations:

Product Component Where to Get Help
Within the Administration Console Choose Help > User Guide
Within the Web Client Choose Help
Within the Handheld Client Choose More > Support > User Guide

You can also access the VST documentation directly from a web browser without being logged in:


For additional product information, see also:

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in the Vocera Secure Texting product.

What's New in the VST 2.3.0 Cloud Platform

VST 2.3.0 is primarily a maintenance release. It also introduces a few new features.

VST Server Features

The VST Cloud Platform introduces the following new features:

  • The VST Server now uses FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) for push notification to Android clients. (VSTP-9272)

    Google has deprecated The GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) protocol which was used in earlier versions of VST; however, VST Android Client versions 2.2.2 and earlier are still supported.

  • The VST Server now provides support for the Apple Pushkit framework for iOS clients, providing the following capabilities (VST iPhone Client versions 2.2.2 and earlier are still supported): (VSTP-7266)

    • The mobile app now wakes up when new messages arrive, if it has been terminated.
    • Ringtones and vibrations are handled properly for message priorities.
    • The capture of accurate delivery status is enabled.

VST Administrator Features

All features described in this section are available to Hospital Administrators and Practice Administrators, unless otherwise noted.

  • Hospital administrators may now set the inactivity logout for all users of the Vocera Secure Texting Web Client. (VSTP-7441)

    This feature allows administrators to enforce organization best practices for security.

VST-VMP Interoperability Features

There are no features to report in this release.

VST Web Client Features

The Vocera Secure Texting Web Client introduces the following new features:

  • The Vocera Secure Texting Web Client no longer supports forwarding messages. (VSTP-9342)

    This change makes the Vocera Secure Texting Web Client behavior the same as the mobile client behavior. All clients now support copying and pasting parts of messages into new conversations.

What's Fixed

This section provides information about fixes and improvements made to the VST Cloud Platform product.

What's Fixed in the 2.3.0 Release

VST 2.3.0 fixes the following issues.

VST Administration Console and Server Fixes

  • VSTP-9171 If the recipient of a sent message is offline, the notification time stamp is not posted to the VST database.

    This situation no longer occurs.

  • VSTP-9385 The VST server incorrectly generates system messages for terminated conversations with more than 50 users. Generating and delivering this large amount of system messages impacts performance of the server.

    System messages are no longer generated for terminated conversations that have more than 50 users.

VST Web Client Fixes

  • VSTP-9117 Search and type-ahead suggestions do not always filter the list of contacts correctly when creating a message.

    This situation no longer occurs.

  • VSTP-9170 In some situations you cannot delete an empty sub-group, and the console does not provide an error message.

    This situation occurred when the subgroup was associated with a conversation. The console now displays a warning message that the subgroup cannot be deleted when it is still associated with a conversation.

Known Issues

This section provides information about known issues in the VST Cloud Platform product.

Known Issues in the VST Administration Console and Server

This release of VST Administration Console has the following known issue:

Known Issues in the VST Web Client

This release of the VST Web Client has no known issues.