Vocera Communications System Release Notes

Vocera Voice ServerVersion

Updated: April 20, 2021

What's New

Vocera Voice Server release 5.2.2 introduces the following new features:

Prerequisites and Reminders

This section lists the prerequisites needed for Vocera Voice Server, Vocera Voice Server Components and the Vocera Consoles.

Prerequisites for Vocera Voice Server and Server Components:

Reminder for running the Vocera Consoles: Turn Compatibility Mode off in the browser you are using for the Administration Console, the User Console, the Staff Assignment Console, and the Report Server Console.

Deprecated Features

Starting with VS 5.0, the following features and components are no longer supported unless noted otherwise below.


Important: If Vocera Secure Texting (VST) is installed in your environment, you must uninstall the VST Sync Connector before you upgrade to the latest version of Vocera Server. See "How to Uninstall the Vocera Secure Texting Sync Connector" in the VST Administrator Guide. Re-install the Sync Connector after you complete the Vocera Server upgrade. Make sure that you download and install the latest version of the VST Sync Connector.

To upgrade from Vocera Voice Server 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.0.1, 5.1.0, 5.2.0 or 5.2.1 :

Prerequisite: The Windows Operating System where you are installing Vocera Voice Server and any subsequent Vocera localization packs, should be installed with the English (United States) language pack only. Other languages may cause unexpected issues with Vocera software.

  1. Follow the steps in the section of the Vocera Installation Guide called "Upgrading Vocera Voice Server to Version 5.2.2"
    Note: Your previous system configuration remains in the database that is restored at the end of the upgrade. Because some 4.x features have been deprecated, update the values in your database as follows:
    1. Open the Vocera Voice Server Administration Console and navigate to the System > Preferences page.
    2. Choose Save Changes.

      The server updates your database and removes any settings for deprecated features.

  2. If you are upgrading from a 4.x deployment and have a custom names dictionary, convert it to the 5.x format manually. If you’re upgrading from 5.x and have a custom names dictionary, there is no conversion needed.

To perform a new install: Follow the steps in the section of the Vocera Voice Server Installation Guide called "Running theVocera Voice Server Installation Program."

What's Fixed, Enhanced, or Improved

The following list contains fixes and improvements made to the Vocera Voice Server 5.2.2 platform.

Release 5.2.2 Fixes

For Vocera Voice Server:

For Vocera Voice Experience:

For Rauland SIP Gateway:

For Vocera Report Server:

Known Issues

This section provides information about known product defects and limitations in the current release.

Known Issues in the Vocera Voice Server

The following list provides information about known product issues in the Vocera Voice Server.

Known issues in 5.2.2: