Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

Release Notes - Version

Updated: April 16, 2021

About the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine

The Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine reduces the need for additional middleware by enabling the Vocera Communication Platform to operate as a single source for most clinical integrations, including nurse call and patient monitoring. This solution improves the accuracy and efficiency of care team communication and reduces costs for hospitals.

By integrating clinical systems such as patient monitors, nurse call systems and EHRs with the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine, hospitals can better understand alarm trends per unit and bed, nurse response times, care team workflows, and potential gaps in communication and processes.

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in this release.

What's New in CWE

Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine 3.1.0 includes the following features:

What's Fixed

The following list contains fixes and improvements made to the Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine.

What's Fixed in CWE

The following issues are fixed in CWE 3.1.0:

Known Issues

This release includes the following known issues and limitations: