Vocera TAP Adapter

Release Notes - Version 1.10.2

Updated: April 25, 2019

About Vocera TAP Adapter

The Vocera TAP Adapter is used to receive messages and data from various Nurse Call systems. This data is then used to communicate necessary information, such as the patient's room or bed number in a facility, as well as sending an alert type for that message.

By combining the information received through the Vocera TAP Adapter with information received through a device adapter, such as CUCM or Smartphone adapter, then an assigned device can receive a message when a patient alert is triggered.

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in this release.

What's New in Vocera TAP Adapter 1.11.0

The Vocera TAP Adapter 1.11.0 solution provides the following new features:

What's Fixed

This section provides information about fixes and improvements made to the Vocera TAP Adapter product.

What's Fixed in the Vocera TAP Adapter 1.11.0 Release

The following issues are fixed in Vocera TAP Adapter 1.11.0:

Known Issues

This release of the Vocera TAP Adapter has no known issues.