Vocera Shift Admin Adapter

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Updated: April 16, 2021

About the Vocera Shift Admin Adapter

The Vocera Shift Admin Adapter allows Vocera to acquire and store on-call physician schedule information, which can then be made available to Vocera users, and may be used by the Vocera Rules Engine for notification delivery.

This adapter translates each schedule entry in the Shift Admin schedule into an assignment in Engage. Because the Shift Admin Adapter is aquiring on-call schedules up to 48 hours in advance, these assignments will initially be stored as "future" assignments, where assignment start dates are in the future.

The Engage Assignment Manager Adapter is then used to mark those assignments as active (current) at the time of their Start time/date, and later mark them as expired based on their End time/date.

The Engage Assignment Group Sync Adapter is then configured to selectively synchronize active assignments with Vocera group based on the assignment role and location. The Voice Group Sync Adapter then synchronizes those groups with conventional Vocera Voice Server groups.

What's New

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What's New in the Shift Admin Adapter

The following issues are new in the Shift Admin 1.0.0 release:

What's Fixed

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What's Fixed in the Vocera Shift Admin Adapter Release

The following issues are fixed in the Vocera Shift Admin Adapter 1.0.0:

Known Issues

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