Incoming Email Adapter

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Updated: May 29, 2020

About the Incoming Email Adapter

The Incoming Email adapter filters and stores email messages inbound to an SMTP server. The adapter receives emails from email addresses that have been enabled within the Vocera Platform. If an email is received from an address that does not match an entry in the list of acceptable senders, then the email is not accepted.

When an email is accepted, the Incoming Email adapter reads the subject and body of that email and matches it with a preexisting message type. The Engine stores this information in the Data Manager.

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in this release.

What's New in the Incoming Email Adapter 1.17.0

The Incoming Email Adapter (1.17.0) solution provides the following new features:

What's Fixed

This section provides information about fixes and improvements made to the Incoming Email adapter.

What's Fixed in the Incoming Email Adapter 1.17.0 Release

The following issues are fixed in the Incoming Email Adapter 1.17 (1.17.0):

Known Issues

This release of the Incoming Email adapter has no known issues.