Vocera Vina Release Notes

Version for Apple iOS

Updated: June 17, 2020

About Vocera Vina

Vocera Vina is a smartphone app that optimizes patient safety by helping clinicians to make decisions in real-time.

With Vocera Vina, you can:

For detailed documentation on Vocera Vina, refer to Vocera Platform.

For the previous versions of the release notes, refer to the Vocera Release Notes Library.

New and Enhanced Features

This release includes the following new features and functionality. Note that Vocera Platform version 6.3 is required to use these features.

Changes in Product Behavior

This release includes the following important changes.

Device Requirements

You must be using a supported device and operating system to be able to run Vocera Vina.

The following devices are supported:

Versions 12.0+ and 13.0 to 13.5 of the Apple iOS operating system are supported.

Vocera Vina should be designed and coded to function on the majority of BYOD devices that use iOS 11 and later. However, these devices cannot be tested, and thus voice performance cannot be guaranteed, features function cannot be guaranteed, and use for regulated alarms on devices not on the supported list is not supported.

Fixed Issues

This release includes the following fixes:

Known Issues

This release includes the following known issues and limitations for versions of Vocera Vina running on Apple iOS operating systems.