Vocera Messaging Platform Server Release Notes


Updated: April 16, 2021

About Vocera Messaging Platform

The Vocera Messaging Platform (VMP) provides an enterprise messaging solution designed to address the unique communication challenges of healthcare. Users can leverage the communication capabilities of VMP from the Vocera Collaboration Suite, Vocera Secure Texting, the VMP Web Console, and the Vocera badge and Smartbadge.

For detailed documentation on Vocera Messaging Platform, refer to Vocera Messaging Platform.

For the previous versions of the release notes, refer to the Vocera Release Notes Library.

Vocera Voice Server Compatibility

Warning: If you are running a version of Vocera Voice Server older than 5.3.2, messages sent from the VMP Server to badges may not show all the correct features, including response options.

Workaround: Update Vocera Voice Server to version 5.3.2 or later. Vocera strongly recommends using the same version of the Vocera Voice Server and VMP.

Changes in Product Behavior

This section lists important feature changes.

Changes in Product Behavior in Version 5.5.1

No important feature changes in this release.

Changes in Product Behavior in Version 5.5.0

What's New

This section summarizes the new features in this release.

New and Enhanced Features in Version 5.5.1

This release includes the following new features and functionality.

New and Enhanced Features in Version 5.5.0

No new features or functionality in this release.

What's Fixed

The following list contains fixes and improvements made to the Vocera Messaging Platform.

Fixed Issues in Version 5.5.1

Fixed Issues in Version 5.5.0

Known Issues

This section lists known issues and limitations in version 5.5.1 of Vocera Messaging Platform.