The Sites Template

The Sites template (sites-template.xls) lets you create Vocera sites.

When you add a site, you specify its name and a basic description only. You need to specify the users, groups, locations, address book entries, and devices that are associated with it separately.

Table 1. Site fields


Maximum Length


Site Name


Enter the name of the site in the Site Name field.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.

By default, the speech recognition system uses the name you enter to recognize sites. If users refer to a site by something other than the name you enter here, enter that name in the Alternate Spoken Name field.

If you change the name of a site that has a Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway associated with it, you must set the value of the VOCERA_SITE environment variable on the telephony server machine to the name of the new site.



(Optional) Enter a description of the site in the Description field.

Alternate Spoken Site Name


(Optional) Use the Alternate Spoken Site Name field to enable Vocera to recognize variations of the exact site name.

For example, if users commonly refer to a site by a nickname or an acronym, enter that variation here.

Cost Center


(Optional) Use the Cost Center field to specify a cost center for the site.

Emergency Broadcast Group


(Optional) Use the Emergency Broadcast Group field to specify the name of the group that receives emergency broadcasts for this site. If you set up an emergency broadcast group, a user can initiate an urgent broadcast by clicking the Call button twice. Everyone in the group hears the caller immediately—no speech recognition or Genie interactions are necessary.

Vocera 3.1 and earlier required you to use a group named "Panic" for emergency broadcasts. You can now designate any group as the recipient of emergency broadcasts.

If a Panic group exists when you upgrade from version 3.x, Vocera automatically makes it the emergency broadcast group. You can change this default at any time.

Specify an emergency broadcast group in the Add/Edit Site dialog box: click the Select button to open the Select Group dialog box, then choose a name from the list and click Finish.

Note: This field does not appear in the data-loading template.

Time Zone


(Optional) Use the Time Zone field to specify a time zone for the site. By default, a site's time zone is the Vocera server's time zone.

Note: This field does not appear in the data-loading template.

Initiate Emergency Broadcast Silently


Specifies whether to initiate emergency broadcasts at this site silently, without playing a chime first. This option is available only if a group is specified in the Emergency Broadcast Group field. By default, it is unchecked.

Spoken Name Count


The Spoken Name Count field displays the total number of names that can possibly be used in a voice command for this site. It includes the names of users, groups, sites, locations, address book entries, and all possible alternate names, such as spellings of user names and the singular and plural names of groups.

Note: This field contains a display-only value, and it does not appear in the data-loading template.