Importing Groups in Multiple Passes

Because the Forwarding field in the groups template (groups-template.xls) allows you to reference other Vocera entities, such as users, Address Book entries, and other groups, it is important to validate group data before you try importing it. If a group record references a user or Address Book entry that does not exist in the Vocera database, the record will be skipped when you try to import it.

Note: When you reference other groups within a group record, the referenced group does not need to exist in the database as long as it is defined as another record in the same import file.

To avoid data validation errors, Vocera recommends importing group data in multiple passes. On the first pass, DO NOT include the Forwarding field in your import data. Once groups are successfully imported, continue importing other Vocera entities, such as users and Address Book entries. After users and Address Book entries have been imported, you can use the Update page of the Administration Console to update groups with the Forwarding data. See Updating Users, Groups, and Devices with CSV Files.