The Group Members Template

The Group Members template (groupmembers-template.xls) lets you add Vocera users to groups.

All the users and the groups must already exist in the database; the template does not create them. If a row in this data-loading template references one of those entities, and that entity does not exist, the row causes a validation error and does not load. Any other rows that successfully validate load properly.

Table 1. Group Members fields


Maximum Length


Group Name


Enter the name of a group that already exists.

To qualify a group by specifying its site, use a colon to separate the value from the site name (GroupName:SiteName). If you do not specify a site, the Global site is used by default.

Group Member Name


Enter the name of a member for this group in either of the following ways:

  • If the member is a user, enter the User ID.

  • If the member is another group, enter the Group Name.