Using Voice Commands to Assign Access Points

Learn the steps for adding a new access point to a location in your enviroment.

In the following procedure, you will use the Begin Tour, End Tour, and Assign Location voice commands to assign access points to locations.

Before you begin:

To assign access points to locations:

  1. Using a badge, log in to the Vocera system.
  2. Press the Call button. When the Genie answers, say "Begin Tour."
    The Genie confirms that you are beginning your tour, and then you hear a tone that signals that the Genie has bowed out. The Vocera Voice Server is still monitoring your movements over the wireless network, however.
  3. Begin walking slowly through the area covered by your network. Each time your badge connects to a new access point, the Genie returns and announces the MAC address or location of the access point.
  4. After announcing a MAC address, the Genie asks if you want to assign a location. Stop walking, and then say the name of the location you want to assign to the new access point.
    Important: The location name must be one that you already configured in the Administration Console.

    If the Genie announced the name of the location, it means the access point is already assigned to that location, and the Genie bows out. If you want to change the location assignment, press the Call button, say "Assign Location" and then say the name of the location when prompted.

  5. Continue walking and assigning locations until you have assigned all of the access points to locations.
  6. When you have finished assigning access points to locations, say "End tour."

You can check whether a location is being reported accurately without starting another tour. To do this, press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say "Where am I?" If you need to change the location name, use the Assign Location command.