Recording Telephone System Utterances

Telephone callers outside the Vocera system can place calls to user’s badges by dialing the Vocera hunt group number (in an analog telephony integration) or DID number (in a digital telephony integration).

These callers hear the Genie prompt, “Say the full name of the person or group you want to reach or enter an extension.”

Here are some problems specific to telephony that you can typically resolve by listening to the .wav files in the Genie utterance subdirectories:

Table 1. Troubleshooting recorded utterances of phone users
Symptom Possible Cause Solution

You hear dropouts in the utterances.

Network problems between the Telephony server and the Vocera Voice Server, if they are running on separate computers.

Work with the IT administrator to confirm the network connection is functioning properly.

You hear static or distortion.

The trunk line coming into the PBX from outside has problems.

If you hear static or distortion on all calls coming into the PBX from outside—not just calls into the hunt group or DID number—you may be experiencing problems in the trunk line. Notify the PBX administrator of the situation.

You hear distant sounding speech.

A speaker phone is too far away from the caller or a cell phone is breaking up. An inadequate volume level is set in the PBX.

If you notice low levels on only some outside calls, the phones placing these calls may be at fault. If specific callers regularly have these problems, suggest that they call in from a different phone.

If you notice low levels on all outside calls, the PBX volume may be at fault. Compare volume of telephone utterances to badge user utterances. If telephone utterances are distinctly quieter, the PBX volume level may be too low.

Problems that appear in badge user utterances also appear in telephone system utterances. For example, you may hear clipped speech from an individual talking before the Genie is finished speaking.

Because individuals who call the hunt group or DID number are typically outside the Vocera system, the training that solves these problems may not be possible. If you can identify specific callers who regularly have these problems, suggest the solutions described in Recording Badge User Utterances.