Recording Name Prompts for a User

If you record a name for a user, the recorded name is played when the Genie needs to say the user's name; for example, when the user logs in, when the Genie confirms a call to the user, and when a call is announced.

If a user does not have a recorded name, the Vocera Voice Server uses its text-to-speech software to announce the user's name. Your system can process only a certain number of text-to-speech operations at one time. To ensure that users do not experience delays, you may want to record users' names as you add the individuals to the system. You can then encourage the new users to record their names in their own voices when it is convenient for them.

To record a name prompt for a user:

  1. Log in with a badge.
  2. Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say, “Record a name for user's name.” (For example, “Record a name for Mary Hill.”)
    Note: If multiple sites, users, groups, locations, and address book entries have the same name or alternate spoken name, you can record a name prompt for only one of them.
    The Genie will prompt you to record variations of the user's proper name.