Displaying License Information

The License Info page of the System screen displays information about your Vocera Voice Server licenses. It also lets you specify a company name, a report server address, or refresh a new a temporary license.

The License Info page provides the following fields:

Table 1. License information fields
Field Maximum Length Description

Company Name


Specify the name of your company or organization. The value you enter in this field appears in reports and logs.

Report Server IP Address


If you are using a Vocera Report Server, specify its IP address. For security reasons, you must register the address of the Report Server with the Vocera Voice Server in this manner, or the Vocera Voice Server prevents the Report Server from downloading data.

You must also enter the IP address of the Vocera Voice Server in the Report Console.

VAI Application IP Addresses (comma-separated list)


Optionally enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses to limit the list of computers which are allowed to establish VAI connections to the Vocera Voice Server. If you leave this field blank, a VAI application from any machine is allowed to connect to the Vocera Voice Server; however, applications still need to authenticate to access data on the Vocera Voice Server.

A VAI application that is deployed directly on any node of a Vocera Voice Server cluster is automatically authorized to connect; you do not have to add it explicitly to the VAI Application IP Addresses field.

Note: For Vocera Messaging Platform Integration, make sure your Vocera Messaging Platform server IP address(es) are in the VAI Application IP Addresses field. Enter the Vocera Messaging Platform server IP address first, before all other IP addresses that are running VAI applications.

General License Info


Displays general information about the license for this Vocera Voice Server.

Speech Ports identifies the number of ports available for speech recognition.

Locale identifies a particular cultural, political, or geographic region, which determines several aspects of the Vocera system, including Genie personas, language pack, grammars, and dialing plan.

The Spoken Name Count field displays the total number of names that the system can possibly recognize. It includes the names of users, groups, sites, locations, address book entries, and all possible alternate names, such as spellings of user names and the singular and plural names of groups.

User Licenses


Displays a summary of the user license information for this Vocera Voice Server. It displays the number of User Licenses, Registered Users, Login Licenses, Logged-in Users, Vocera Access Anywhere Licenses, and Vocera Access Anywhere Users. An Enterprise license has unlimited User Licenses and a limited number of Login Licenses. The number of Vocera Access Anywhere Users cannot exceed the number of Vocera Access Anywhere Licenses.

Report Server Licenses


Displays the type of Report Server license (Not Available, Basic, or Unlimited) and whether the Report Server Scheduler is available.

Other Licenses n/a Displays the number of licenses for Device and VMI. And shows whether the Dictation License and Enhanced Voice License are enabled or disabled.
Note: The Dictation feature is not currently available.

Application Licenses


Displays a summary of Vocera application licenses. Each application license has a 2-character ID. The screen displays the number of each type of application license, as well as the number of application licenses that are currently assigned to users.

Vocera application licenses can be identified by the following IDs:

  • VB = Vocera Collaboration Suite for Cisco

  • UC = Vocera Staff Assignment Premier

VA licenses are no longer supported, and the value of this ID is always 0.

Note: The number of currently configured Staff Assignment Premier licenses is always 0, regardless how many users are currently logged into the application. However, you can log into Staff Assignment as an administrator to identify how many people are actually using Staff Assignment Premier. For more information, see the Vocera Staff Assignment Guide.

If you need additional Vocera licenses, please contact Vocera.

To display, update system settings, or refresh license information:

  1. To display the license information:
    1. Click System in the navigation bar to display the System screen.
    2. Click the License Info tab to display the License Info page.
  2. To update system settings for the Vocera licenses:
    1. Enter values in the Company Name and Report Server IP Address fields.
    Choose from:
    • Click Save Changes to save the settings.
    • Click another tab in the System screen to enter additional system settings.
  3. To load an updated license:
    1. Click the Refresh License button to upload the new or temporary license to the Vocera Voice Server.

      Note:The license can be refreshed without a Vocera Voice Server restart if the new or temporary license includes an increase in the number of users or IP lines. All other changes to the license requires a restart. This condition applies to all of the nodes in a cluster environment as well.