Group Status Monitor

Learn the information you can monitor for logged-in members of a group.

The Group Status Monitor page displays the following information about logged-in members of a group:

Table 1. Group Status Monitor fields




Displays the name of every group, in alphabetical order.

Users with System Administrator permission can see all groups in the Group Status Monitor. Group managers can see only groups they are permitted to manage. Users with the View Users and Groups permission can see all groups by checking the View All Groups box at the bottom left of the page.

Active Users

Displays the total number of immediate group members who are logged in. Users who are members of a nested group are not included in this total. Nested groups appear alphabetically within the list; they are not displayed hierarchically under parent groups.


Shows the name of the physical site the group is associated with.

To display a list of the logged-in members of a group, expand the group by clicking the triangle at the left of the group's name and icon.

After you expand a group, the Group Status Monitor displays columns of information for each of the group members. This is the same information that appears in the Badge Status Monitor, except it is sorted by group. See Badge Status Monitor for a description of these columns.

You can display the members of one group at a time only. For example, you can display a list of members in the Doctors group, or you can display a list for the Nurses group, but you cannot display both member lists at the same time.

You can also use the Group Status Monitor page to perform the following tasks:

The Vocera Voice Server updates the Group Status Monitor according to the number of seconds you set as the Refresh Interval. To specify a different time between automatic updates, type a value of 20 or greater in the Refresh Interval field and press Enter.

To display the Group Status Monitor:

  1. Click Status Monitor in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Group Status tab.