Forwarding Options

The Forward page of the Add/Edit Group dialog box (or the corresponding fields in the data-loading template) lets you specify forwarding options for the group.

The Genie uses the forwarding option when no members of a group are available to take a call.

Table 1. Group forwarding fields


Maximum Length


No Forwarding


No Forwarding means that if a call to the group is not answered, the caller is prompted to leave a message, and that message is delivered to all members of the group.

Forward to Group Pager


Forward to Group Pager sends a page to the group pager when no members of the original group can take the call.

The group's Pager field must be specified to forward to the group pager. Otherwise, this field is not enabled.

Forward to Another Badge, Group, or Address Book Entry


Forward to Another Badge, Group, or Address Book Entry transfers the call to a particular badge user, group, or address book entry when no members of the original group can take the call. To choose this option, click Select to open a dialog box that lists all the choices in the system. Select a badge user, group, or address book entry and click Finish.

When you forward to a group, the forwarding settings of individual group members are ignored.

Forward to Another Number


Forward to Another Number transfers the unanswered call to the number that you enter.

This feature requires the telephony integration option.

Forward to an Off-network Group Member n/a

Forward to an Off-network Group Member enables on-call group members to receive calls when they are off-network.

Note: Ensure that you have selected Sequential as the Scheduling Options for this group.

Forward When


Specify either of the following:

  • All forwards every call that comes in to the group, without notifying group members.

  • Unanswered forwards only calls that are not answered by any member of the group.

If you provide a value other than All or Unanswered in the data-loading template, an error will occur when you try to import the file.

Enable Group Voice Mail n/a Check to permit users to leave voice mail recordings for the group. Enabled by default.
Forward on Broadcast to Number n/a Send a Broadcast message to a telephone number or extension assigned to the group you are defining or editing. Recipients for broadcast messages are placed in Listen-only mode. If no users are in the group or if no group users are logged in, the phone call is still initiated. This feature would be useful if you have configured a Panic-to-Group option to call the hospital security office when a panic is initiated.
Forward on Conference to Number n/a Send an instant conference request to a group. You can use this option to include an external number in an instant conference, or to call an extension routed to a SIP-to-Radio gateway to allow two-way radios to participate in the conversation.