Performing a Health-Check

You can perform a health-check on your enhanced voice configuration and fix errors, if any.

You need to have at least one enhanced voice feature enabled before you check the status of ASR Broker health. If enabled, the Enabled column on the Available Features list shows True for the feature.

  1. On the System > Licence Info > Other Licences page, verify if the enhanced voice license is enabled. If disabled, you cannot view any of the voice enhanced features under System including the Enhanced Voice Configuration tab. See Configuring Enhanced Voice
  2. On the System > Enhanced Voice Configuration page, ensure that you have at least one enhanced voice feature enabled.
  3. Click Test Configuration.
    1. If the status of the configuration is healthy, the confirmation message is displayed. Click OK.
    2. If there are issues, the error message is displayed. Click Show Errors and troubleshoot issues.