Enabling the Favor Frequently Called Feature Globally for Users

Improve speech recognition using the Favor Frequently Called feature to increase the weight, or favor, the names of frequently called users.

By default, Favor Frequently Called option is disabled for users and departments. Enabling this feature requires you to enable the system level settings in the System > Preferences page and the Advanced Settings in the Default page of the Administration Console.

To enable favor frequently called feature:

  1. Select System > Preferences in the Administrative Console.
  2. Select Enable for Users in the Favor Frequently Called section.
  3. Click Save Changes. The system default is now set for all users to have Favor Frequently Called enabled.
    You must enable the Advanced Settings to ensure that this feature is available for all users in your environment.
  4. Select Defaults > Advanced Settings in the Administration Console.
  5. Select Enable for all Users checkbox in Frequently Called Users Settings.
  6. Select the Yes radio button in the Override User Settings section.
  7. Click Save Changes.