Enabling Direct Call

When the Direct Call feature is enabled, a patient who presses the Call button on the Vocera device bypasses the Genie and places a direct call to the predefined care team recipient. The Direct Call feature is disabled by default.

From the Administration Console, you can enable the Direct Call feature for a new or existing user (typically a patient) and select a Vocera User or Group or Address Book Entry as a recipient (typically a care team member) for that call. A direct call patient may not be interested in receiving alerts and reminders from the device. On the User Console, verify or edit the notifications set for a direct call user to disable alert tones and reminders. See Notifications in the Vocera Voice Server User Console Guide.

You can use the user-template.csv file to add or update multiple user profiles with direct call features. See The Users Template in the Vocera Voice Server Data-Loading Reference Guide.

  1. Navigate to the Phone tab in the User > Add/Edit User dialog box on the Administration Console.
  2. Select the Enable Direct Call checkbox in the Direct Call section.
  3. Click Select in the Direct Call to Another Badge, Group, or Address Book Entry field to add a direct call recipient.
    Note: You can select only one direct call recipient.
    The Select User, Group, or Address Book Entry dialog box appears.
  4. Select a name and click Finish on the Select User, Group, or Address Book Entry dialog box.
  5. Click Save to save changes, close the dialog box, and return to Add, Edit, and Delete Users page.
  6. Perform the following on the User Console:
    1. Login in to the User Console with the User ID and Password for the direct call user. Alternatively, you can use the Vocera Administrator password with the direct call user ID.
    2. Navigate to the Notifications tab under Preferences on the User Console to disable alerts and reminders for the direct call user.
      In the Alert Tones section, clear the following checkboxes:
      • On/Off Network Alert
      • Low Battery Alert
      • Text Message Alert
      • Voice Message Alert
      In the Reminders section, clear the following checkboxes:
      • Text Message Reminder
      • Voice Message Reminder
      • DND Reminder
    3. Click Save Changes.