The Dynamic Grammar

The dynamic grammar is the largest component of the recognition space.

It is always considerably larger than the total number of users, groups, sites, locations, and address book entries, because it also includes all the possible alternates. In some situations, you explicitly add alternate names yourself, such as when you enter the plural name of a group. In other cases, the system itself automatically adds them, such as the spellings of a user name.

For example, each user you enter in the system adds a minimum of four spoken names to the dynamic grammar, and possibly as many as thirteen names, as follows:

Similarly, groups, sites, locations, and address book entries can all potentially have alternate names. The following table summarizes the impact of each database entry on the recognition space:

Table 1. Spoken names for dynamic grammar entries
Database Entry Minimum Spoken Names Maximum Spoken Names
Empty System 12 N/A
User 4 13
Group 3 6
Site 8 9
Location 2 4
Address Book Entry (Person) 4 11
Address Book Entry (Place) 2 9