Disabling Easter Eggs

Learn the steps to disable Easter Eggs for a Site.

Easter Eggs are enabled by default at the Site level in the Administration Console. You can disable Easter Eggs If you find this feature inappropriate for badge users associated with a specific Site.

To disable the Easter Eggs:

  1. Click Sites in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Sites tab to display the Sites page.
  3. Choose a site name from the list or type a name in the search bar.
    The Search bar helps you to find a site name quickly. As you start typing a name, Search retrieves the closest match in your lists of sites.
  4. Click Edit Site to display the Edit Site page.
  5. Uncheck the Enable Easter Eggs checkbox to disable the Easter Eggs feature.
  6. Click Save.
After your disable this feature, when a user says an Easter Eggs command, For example, "Santa Claus", Genie responds with the following:

"Sorry, you do not have permissions to play Easter Eggs, please see your administrator."