Deleting Sites

Before you delete a site, ensure that the required entities are transferred to another site. Vocera permanently removes all the associated entities of a deleted site.

When you delete a site, Vocera permanently removes it, as well as all the users, group, locations, address book entries, and devices that are associated with it. Because deleting a site removes all its associated entities, you typically do not delete a site without transferring some of its entities to another site, as described in Transferring Site Data.

For example, suppose the company you work for is closing the Mountain View office, but all the employees are being relocated to the Cupertino office. You would transfer the users from the Mountain View site to Cupertino before deleting the Mountain View site.

You can delete a site at any time. To ensure that no call activity is interrupted by the changes you make, however, the deletion will not take effect until the system has no calls or Genie sessions in progress.

To delete a site permanently, perform the following:

  1. Click Sites in the navigation bar.
  2. On the Sites page, from the list of sites, select the site you want to delete.
    You can select more than one site at a time.
  3. Click Delete Site.
    The confirmation window appears.
  4. On the confirmation window, click OK.
    The selected site and its associated entities are deleted permanently and removed from the sites list.