Testing an Active Directory Connection

Learn about testing your Active Directory configuration.

In the Add/Edit Active Directory Configuration window, you can click the Test Connection button to test whether you can: The Active Directory connection is set up only temporarily for test purposes. Once the test is completed, the connection is terminated.
Note: The Login Map Field is not verified when you test the connection. That field is verified when you test logging into an Active Directory configuration. See Testing a User Login.

When you click Test Connection, the Active Directory Test Connect Results window appears, showing connection results for each Active Directory server. The window provides diagnostic information to help you troubleshoot connection problems.

At the top of the window, the following three fields appear:

Below these three fields, a table provides information about the connection to each Active Directory server:

Table 1. Test Connection Results fields
Field Description

Server Addresses

Indicates whether the Active Directory server is Primary or Secondary, and displays the server's IP address and DNS name.

Establish Connection

Displays whether an LDAP connection could be established with the Active Directory server and the time (in milliseconds) it took to complete the connection.

Verify Certificate

Displays whether the Active Directory root certificate was verified successfully. If there was a problem, the full error appears in the Error Detail column.

Authenticate Service Account

Displays whether the service account could be authenticated and the time (in milliseconds) it took to complete authentication.

Verify Search Base

Displays whether the Search Base was verified successfully. If the Search Base is not specified, the entire Active Directory domain is used as the search base.

Error Summary

Displays any errors found in the connection parameters or service account credentials. This field helps identify quickly which part of the configuration has been entered incorrectly.

If there are no errors, this field is empty.

Error Detail

Displays detailed diagnostic information about an error.

If there are no errors, this field is empty.

Evaluating Connection Times

Pay attention to the time it takes to establish a connection for each of the Active Directory servers. Servers that take the longest time to connect should be selected as Secondary Servers.

Showing Connection Results in Printable Format

To view the Active Directory Test Connection Results window in printable format, click the Printable Format button.