Administering Vocera Access Anywhere Licenses

To see how many Vocera Access Anywhere licenses you have to distribute to users, click System in the navigation bar to display the System screen.

For more information, see Displaying License Information.

You can specify that new users are enabled for Vocera Access Anywhere by default, and you can also override current user settings to enable Vocera Access Anywhere for all users. For more information, see Choosing Miscellaneous Settings.

Important: If you use the system default to enable Vocera Access Anywhere and also override current user settings, you may eventually use all available Vocera Access Anywhere user licenses. When all available Vocera Access Anywhere user licenses are being used, you cannot add new user profiles to Vocera until you disable the Enable Access to Genie from Phone default.

You can generate an Administration Console report of all users that have been enabled for Vocera Access Anywhere. The report helps you manage your Vocera Access Anywhere licenses. For more information, see Generating Reports.