Logging In Using Active Directory Authentication

When Active Directory authentication is enabled, the Administration Console welcome page has an additional field, the Active Directory list, which specifies the Active Directory to use for your login.

To log into the Administration Console using Active Directory credentials:

  1. Open an Internet Explorer browser window.
  2. Enter the Administration Console URL to open the Administration Console welcome page.
  3. Specify the following values:



    User ID

    Enter your Active Directory user ID (up to 250 characters). You must be a member of a Vocera group that has administrator privileges.


    Enter your Active Directory password (up to 127 characters).

    Active Directory

    Select the name of your Active Directory from the list.

    If there are multiple Active Directories listed and you're unsure which one to select, ask your system administrator.

  4. Click Log In.
    The Administration Console opens.