Administration Console User Interface

Learn the basic User Interface controls on the Administration Console.

The following figure uses the Sites screen to show some of the user interface controls available in a typical Administration Console screen.

Figure 1. Administration Console user interface UI Widgets
  1. Navigation bar. Click a button to display a screen.

  2. Tabs. Click a tab to display a page in a screen.

  3. Screen title. Displays the screen name.

  4. Fields. Click a field to select or edit a value in a page.

  5. Help button. Click the ? button to display context-sensitive help.

  6. Buttons. Click a button in a page to perform an action.

Some pages have buttons that open dialog boxes. For example, when you click the Add New User button on the Users page, it opens the Add New User dialog box:

Figure 2. Add New User dialog box Add User Info Screen

Dialog boxes have tabs that group complex information to make it easier to enter and understand. Most have both a Save and Save & Continue button.