Accumulating Permissions

The complete set of permissions available to any single user is the total list of permissions granted to all the groups of which he or she is a member.

For example, suppose the Staff group grants the Call Internal Numbers and the Call Toll-Free Numbers permissions and the Manager group grants the Call Toll Numbers permission. If a user is a member of both Staff and Manager, that user has the Call Internal Numbers, Call Toll-Free Numbers, and Call Toll Numbers permissions.

Table 1. Permissions for Staff and Manager groups
Permission Staff Manager Staff & Manager
Call Internal Numbers Yes   Yes
Call Toll-Free Numbers Yes   Yes
Call Toll Numbers   Yes Yes

Changes to permissions take effect immediately. For example, if you edit the Manager group to grant the Have VIP Status permission, everyone in the Manager group immediately gains that permission. You do not need to apply the permission or require users to log in again.