Improving Speech Recognition for Frequently Called Users and Departments

The Favor Frequently Called feature for departments and users takes advantage of users and departmental calling patterns to improve speech recognition.

By default, Favor Frequently Called option is disabled for users and departments. Enable this option from the System > Preferences page of the Administration Console.

When the Favor Frequently Called feature is enabled for departments, the Vocera Voice Server accumulates data about the frequency of calls from users in one department to users in another (or the same) department. When a call is made, the server uses this data to weight user names or departments in the speech recognition grammars, favoring members of more frequently called users or departments. This weighting factor improves overall speech recognition considerably.

For example, the Genie may have trouble distinguishing between the phonetically similar commands, "Call Phil Rains" and "Call Phil Ray". If "Phil Rains" is a frequently called user and the Call command is issued for him, the Genie gives preference to "Phil Rains". Similarly, if you have the Favor Frequently Called feature enabled for departments, the Genie weighs a frequently called user belonging to a particular department over an individual in a different department name. For example, if Juanita Gonzalez in Cardiology is called frequently, she will be weighted over Juanita Gonzalez in Emergency.

Note: You cannot enable the Favor Frequently Called option for both, users and departments, at the same time.

Contact Vocera Customer Support to help you determine the option that works best for your environment.