To set text message enunciation properties:

Learn how to set text messages enunciation properties.

  1. On each Vocera Voice Server node, open the \vocera\server\properties.txt file in a text editor.
  2. Add the MsgEnunciateMode and MsgEnunciateModeSmartphone properties (if they have not already been added).

    Set each property to a value of 0 through 9, as described in Setting Text Message Enunciation Properties.

    For the MsgEnunciateMode property, you can also choose to enter a comma-delimited list to control text message enunciation for each VMI application or site. See Specifying MsgEnunciateMode Per VMI Client or Site.

  3. Save the properties.txt file.
  4. Stop the Vocera Voice Server and start it again. The Vocera Voice Server loads properties.txt into memory.
    Note: If you have a Vocera Voice Server cluster, stop and start the standby nodes first, and then switch to the active node and choose Cluster > Failover in the Vocera Control Panel.