Working with Permissions

Permissions control the ability of users to issue certain commands or to perform specific operations.

For example, you can allow certain users to make toll calls, but prevent other users from doing so.

For ease of use and flexibility, you assign Vocera permissions to groups of users—you do not assign permissions to individuals, and you do not override permissions on an individual basis. When you add or edit a group, the Permissions page in the Groups screen of the Administration Console lets you manage the permissions that you grant or deny to the members of that group.

Because you specify permissions at the group level, you can associate a permission with a role, rather than an individual user. For example, suppose you want the floor manager who is working at any given time to have the Record Name Prompts for Another User permission. You can create a group called Manager On Duty and grant the group that permission. Then the current floor manager will always have the Record Name Prompts for Another User permission, regardless of who that user is.

For a complete description of each permission, see Permissions Reference.