Using Alternate Spoken Names

Use the Alternate Spoken Names field to provide alternative names, phonetic spellings, or additional identifying information so the speech recognition software can recognize variations of a name.

When a user asks the Genie to contact a person or place in the address book (“Call Poison Control”), the speech recognition software in Vocera tries to match the spoken name to a name in a user profile or an address book entry.

People may not always use the name that you entered, however, or they may pronounce it in a way that the Vocera system does not recognize. For example, you may identify an address book entry as “Easton Medical Clinic,” but users may refer to it as “The medical clinic.”

Several pages in the Administration Console provide fields where you can enter data that can help you prevent speech recognition problems in these situations. For example, when you add or edit a user profile or an address book entry, you can enter data in the Alternate Spoken Names and Identifying Phrase fields.