Troubleshooting Voice PIN Authentication

This topic provides troubleshooting guidelines for setting up Voice PIN authentication.

Voice PIN authentication is sensitive to noisy environments and improper placement of the badge can hinder voice command recognition. Following are some suggestions that you may want to consider while recording or reciting your voice PINs to improve the authentication accuracy :
  • Avoid noisy environments
  • Speak clearly and loudly when recording or reciting the PIN
  • Speak single digit numbers and maintain a small pause when speaking each number
  • Do not use the number 10 (ten) for your PIN
  • Do not spell out your PIN. For example, if your PIN is 12345, say one two three four five. Do not say, "twelve thousand three hundred forty five" or "twelve thirty four five".
  • Do not hold badge close to your mouth
  • Confirm that the Genie recorded your PIN correctly
  • If PIN is saved incorrectly, contact your system admin to erase your PIN. Once erased you can record a new PIN
  • Review all the best practices listed in Speech Recognition Tips for Badge Users