Sending Voice Email

Badge users can send a voice email by commanding the Genie to “Send email to person’s first and last names,” and then recording a message.

A voice email is an email message with a .WAV file attached that contains the voice message. The Vocera Voice Server checks the recipient’s profile and sends the voice email as an attachment to a text email.

The following illustration shows the process of sending a voice email message from a badge:

Figure 1. Sending a voice email message from a badge v

In the above illustration:

  1. A badge user records a voice message.

  2. The Vocera Voice Server saves the recording as a .WAV file and attaches it to an email message.

  3. The email message is sent to the SMTP host.

  4. The email message is sent to the recipient, who plays the message with sound software such as Windows Media Player.

See the Vocera User Guide for information about sending email messages from badges.