Utterance Recordings

Vocera automatically records the spoken utterances of individuals when they interact with the Genie.

You can use these recorded utterances to help identify and resolve speech recognition problems.

Vocera records utterances during the following Genie interactions:

Vocera creates a directory named \vocera\nuance\callLogs\MyApp at the root of the drive where the Vocera Voice Server is installed. The system then records utterances and log files within this structure.

The directory tree within MyApp\ is [Year]\[Month]\[Day]\[Hour]. For example, the directory \vocera\nuance\callLogs\MyApp\2014\07July\17\20 contains utterances recorded on 17 July 2014, between 8:00 and 9:00 pm.

Each directory contains .wav files for the user utterances and a log file. The log file contains information that Vocera can use to troubleshoot problems. The .wav files frequently contain information you can use to troubleshoot speech recognition problems yourself.

This directory structure contains a set of files that are named similar to the following:

NUAN-26-24-VS-209-VM-W2012-deb948cafef0b922ab2287bacf762a9b@ NUAN-26-24-VS-209-VM-W2012-deb948cafef0b922ab2287bacf762a9b@ NUAN-26-24-VS-209-VM-W2012-deb948cafef0b922ab2287bacf762a9b@ NUAN-26-24-VS-209-VM-W2012-deb948cafef0b922ab2287bacf762a9b@

The file name of the log and utterance contains the following information to help you identify the call:

Table 1. Call log filename fragments
Filename Fragment Description
NUAN-26-24 The speech port identifier, internal to Nuance.
VS-209-VM-W2012 The DNS name of the server.
deb948cafef0b922ab2287bacf762a9b The SIP session ID for the MRCP channel. The IP address of the server.
Manfred_Morgan The name of the user. If a filename does not include a user name, it is an utterance that was recorded during a login attampt.
LOG An identifier indicating that the file contains a Nuance recognition log.
utt001, utt002, utt003 Sequentially numbered identifiers for each utterance in the session.
POSTEP An identifier indicating that the utterance has been end-pointed (internal to Vocera).
Note: The system maintains a maximum of 14 days of utterances in the \vocera\nuance\callLogs\MyApp\ directory.