Permissions List Icons

Learn the available controls on the Permission Browser.

The Permissions List on the right side of the Permission Browser has the following fields:

Table 1. Permissions List fields



Resulting Permission

Displays one of the following icons identifying the resulting permission from the selected group as well as permissions inherited from parent groups (if any).

  • granted = Granted
  • revoked = Revoked

Permission Category

Displays one of the following icons identifying the permission category:

  • System admin permission = System Administrator permission
  • Tiered admin permission = Tiered Administrator permission
  • Call permission = Call permission
  • Security permission = Security permission
  • Special permission = Special permission

Group Permission

Whether the permission is explicitly granted or revoked for the group.

  • green (green) = Granted
  • red (red) = Revoked

Permission Name

The name of the permission.

The resulting permission can be different from the group permission if a permission is inherited from a parent group. For example, in the following figure the resulting permission of Call Toll Numbers is revoked Revoke permission for the EMT Nurse group even though the permission is explicitly granted Set permission for the group. This means that the permission must have been revoked in a parent group.

Figure 1. Resulting permission different from group permission Permission result

The following figure shows the parent group EMT selected. The Call Toll Numbers permission has been revoked in this group. The EMT Nurse group inherited the revoked Call Toll Numbers permission from the EMT group.

Figure 2. Call Toll Numbers permission is revoked Permission result 2