Using Ordinal Numbers in Names

An ordinal number specifies the position of an item in a sequence, such as "first", "second", or "third".

Although Vocera supports the full range of number pronunciations, it does not support common pronunciations of alphanumeric ordinals such as "1st", "2nd", or "3rd". For example, if you create groups whose names are "1st Floor" and "2nd Floor", Vocera expects you to pronounce them as "One-st Floor" and "Two-nd Floor".

Some organizations prefer to use alphanumeric ordinals in names because they sort in an expected order when you view them in the Administration Console. If you need to use alphanumeric ordinals, make sure you also create purely alphabetic alternate names to allow natural speech recognition. For example, if you are using "1st Floor" as a group name, create an alternate spoken name spelled as "First Floor" to support proper speech recognition.