Access Point Location Information

Learn about assisgning a name to each access point in your enviroment to easily identify the location of team members.

A location is the common name of the place where an access point is located. For example, a location may be a name such as Break Room or 6 North.

After you assign location names to access points, you can use the names in voice commands (Find a member of nurses close to the E R), and the Genie responds with location names when appropriate (Art Lacrosse is near the Main Desk). The location names also appear in the Badge Status Monitor, replacing the MAC address of the access point.

To configure locations, use the Locations screen in the Administration Console. Before you begin, obtain a map of the facility and note where the access points are installed. (This may already have been done as part of the site survey performed before the Vocera system was installed.)

Based on the physical layout and access point coverage, you can draw boundaries and assign location names to different areas of the facility. You can then refer to this map when configuring locations in the Administration Console.

Note: When you need to add a large number of locations, you can save time by importing them directly from CSV files to the Vocera database. See Importing Data from a CSV File.