Login Map Field Requirements

To use Active Directory authentication for Vocera clients, your IT department must identify the login map field, the Active Directory attribute that binds Active Directory credentials to a Vocera user account.

The login map field for Vocera must meet the following requirements:

Quite often, user IDs in the Vocera database match the sAMAccountName attribute in Active Directory. However, sAMAccountName is limited to 20 characters. If your Vocera user IDs are longer than 20 characters, you need to use an attribute other than sAMAccountName for the login map field.

To verify that the login map field is mapped appropriately, it may be necessary to export user IDs from the Vocera system to a CSV file to compare them with the login map field in Active Directory. If any Vocera user IDs don't match, you may need to update them. For details about exporting Vocera users, see Exporting Data to a CSV File.