Incoming Mail Settings

Incoming mail is conventional email that anyone can send to a badge user.

Email messages appear as text on the display screen of the badge. Users can either read the message or listen to it as Vocera converts it to speech. See the Vocera Badge User Guide for complete information about receiving email messages on the badge.

Incoming Mail Settings enable the Vocera Voice Server to log in to an email mailbox reserved for the Vocera system and retrieve email messages intended for badge users. The Vocera Voice Server software then routes each message to the badge display of the recipient whose user ID appears in the subject line of the message. Naviage to Email > Mailbox to define settings for your incoming mail server.

Table 1. Incoming Mail Settings


Maximum Length


Vocera Mailbox Login ID


In the Vocera Mailbox Login ID field, enter the address or ID of the Vocera mailbox that the IT administrator reserved for email sent to Vocera devices (, for example).

The Login ID may either be a full e-mail address (such as, or just the login ID part of the address (vocerabadge, in this case). Check with the IT administrator to find out which of these conventions was used.



In the Password field, enter the password the Vocera Voice Server must use to log in to the Vocera mailbox. Type the password again in the Re-enter Password field to ensure that you typed it correctly.

Mail Check Interval


The Mail Check Interval field specifies the time in seconds that the system waits between mail checks. During a mail check, the Vocera Voice Server connects with the Mail Host to check for new mail. Enter a value between 15 and 90 seconds; the default is 30.

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