Identifying Phrase Fields

Use the Identifying Phrase field to enter a description that distinguishes a person or place from another whose name is spelled the same.

For example, if there are two users named Mary Hill on the system, but one is on the third floor and the other is on the first floor, you might enter Mary Hill in the Main Cafeteria as the Identifying Phrase for one user and Mary Hill in the North Wing Cafeteria for the other.

As a result, when callers ask for Mary Hill, the Genie prompts them, “Do you mean Mary Hill in the Main Cafeteria?” If the caller says “no,” the Genie then prompts, “Do you mean Mary Hill in the North Wing Cafeteria?”

Vocera can also use departments to differentiate among users with the same names. Departments are usually easier to set up and use than identifying phrases, but are applicable only if the users belong to different departments.