Healthcare Acronyms and Abbreviations

The Vocera system supports the following standard acronyms and abbreviations for the healthcare industry as part of the static grammar.

You can embed these healthcare acronyms within group names. Spaces in an acronym are optional and can be omitted. For example, you can enter "MICU Charge Nurse" instead of "M I C U Charge Nurse". When one of these acronyms is used in a group name, users can pronounce either the letters in the acronym (for example, "M I C U") or the acronym itself (for example, "Mick You") to call the group.

Note: These acronyms and abbreviations should NOT be entered in the Alternate Spoken Group Name field. Otherwise, the alternate spoken group names could interfere with the recognition of the acronyms and abbreviations. Also, if you use acronyms or abbreviations in a group name, you should record the proper pronunciation of the group name. The Genie will then use your recorded prompt(s) for more natural sounding speech.
Table 1. Healthcare acronyms and abbreviations



C C U "C C U"
C M O "C M O"
C N O "C N O"
E D "E D"
E K G "E K G"
E N T "E N T"
E R I "E R I"
H U C "H U C" or "HUCK"
I C U "I C U"
I V "I V"
L and D "L and D"
L V N "L V N"
M I C U "Mick You" or "M I C U"
M R I "M R I"
M U C "M U C"
N I C U "Nick You" or "N I C U"
O B G Y N "O B G Y N"
O R "O R"
P A C U "Pack You" or "P A C U"
P I C C "PICK" or "P I C C"
P I C U "Pick You" or "P I C U"
PRE OP "PRE OP" or "Preop"
P T "P T" or "Physical Therapy"
R A D O N C "Rad Onk" or "R A D O N C"
R T "R T"
S I C U "Sick You" or "S I C U"

You can use Vocera Professional Services to customize the list of group name acronyms for your Vocera system. For more information, contact Vocera Professional Services.