Device Status

The Device Status page of the Add/Edit Device dialog box displays status information about the device, such as the current logged in user, location, and local site, as well as the IP address of the device and whether it is currently in a charger.

All of the fields are read-only. This information is similar to the status information you will see in the Device Status Monitor. For more information, see Device Status Monitor.

Table 1. Device status fields




Shows the name of the logged in user. If a user is not logged into the device, the field displays "Not Logged In."


Shows the name of the location of the access point to which the device is currently connected. If a location name was not assigned, the field shows the access point's MAC address.

Local Site

Shows the name of the physical site the user is associated with.

IP Address

Shows the network address of the device. If the network address is assigned dynamically through the DHCP server, the IP address can change as the device moves between access points.

In Charger

Indicates whether the device is currently in a battery charger.