Deleting Users

When you delete a user from the system, that person's profile is expunged from the system, and the person's name will no longer be recognized.

You can delete a user at any time. To ensure that no call activity is interrupted by the changes you make, however, the deletion will not take effect until the system has no calls or Genie sessions in progress.

To delete users:

  1. Click the Users button on the navigation bar to display the Add, Edit, and Delete Users page.
  2. Select one or more users to delete.

    To select two or more adjacent rows on the Users tab, click the first row, then hold down SHIFT while you click the last row to select.

    To select two or more nonadjacent rows on the Users tab, click the first row, then hold down CTRL while you click other rows to select.

    To search for the name, using any order enter the last name, first name, or user ID in the Search field. As you type, a drop-down list appears with up to 10 matching names. Select one, or click Search to go to the first match.
    Note: If you enter user information proceeded by a comma, the autocomplete feature no longer displays predicted search results in the drop-down list.
  3. Click Delete User.
    A message asks you to confirm the deletion.
  4. Click OK.