Data Check Warnings

Learn about Data Check warnings.

The Data Check Warnings dialog box displays a report for the names, phone numbers, and groups in your database that may result in speech recognition problems. The Data Check Warnings dialog box appears when you select an item on the Data Check page of the Maintenance screen and click Check. The maximum number of warnings that can be shown is 3,000 but total number of warnings that Vocera reports is 300,000.

When the Data Check Results window is open, you cannot switch between the report and the console to make changes. Therefore, you should click the Printable Format button to open the printable version of the report in a new window, then click Close in the modal window to return to the Console window.

In addition, you can export the warnings to a spreadsheet by clicking Export. Using the export function is preferred if the configuration errors exceeds 3,000 warnings since the Data Check window and the printable format option limit the number of viewable return results. The number of warnings is listed at the bottom of the Data Check Results window which can assist you in determining if you should use the export function or simply view a limited number of errors in Administration Console UI.

Switch to the Printable Report window and either print the report for your reference or horizontally tile the Console and Report windows on your desktop so you can work in the Console while viewing the report.

Note: The Data Check window and the Printable Report window contain the same data but are limited to 3000 return results. Use Export to view all the results for a larger number of warnings.
Table 1. Data Check fields




This column lists the entities found with settings flagged by the Data Check.

Action Required to Resolve Issue

This column displays the recommended step to resolve the problem found by the Data Check.


This column displays the Severity level for the problem, either a High or Low severity flag. High Severity items are ambiguous choices which cannot be resolved by a badge user during a call, while Low severity items can be resolved.