Creating Custom Quick Notes for Smartphone Users

When you type a text message on the Vocera smartphone, you can display a list of Quick Notes, commonly-used phrases and expressions.

You can select one of the Quick Notes to insert it into the message, saving you from typing the text.

The Vocera system administrator can customize the Quick Notes list, adding phrases or expressions that your organization commonly uses. The Quick Notes list is common to all Vocera users. Individual users cannot create a personal Quick Notes list.

By default, the Quick Notes list on the Vocera smartphone includes the following phrases:

To create a custom Quick Notes list for all Vocera smartphone users:

  1. In a text editor, enter each note on a separate line.

    Limit each note to 100 characters. That is the maximum number of characters you can enter into a text message on the smartphone.

    Do not add more than 15 notes to the list. Otherwise, users may find the list too long to be helpful.

  2. Save the document to a file named quicknotes.txt.
  3. Copy the quicknotes.txt file to the following folder on the Vocera Voice Server. If you have a Vocera cluster, copy the file to every Vocera Voice Server node.
  4. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. The Services window appears.
  5. Stop the Tomcat service and then start it again.
  6. Close the Services window.
Note: The quicknotes.txt file is NOT synchronized continuously with Vocera cluster nodes, unlike Vocera Voice Server database transactions. However, the file is automatically copied from the active Vocera node to standby nodes during a remote restore.