About Care Team Connect

The new direct call feature as part of the Vocera care team connect solution enables patients and their care team to communicate with each other in bed locations lacking nurse call. Use of this feature can reduce the need to don and doff Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and improve the patient experience.

When the direct call feature is enabled for a Vocera Smartbadge or B3000n device users, a patient can press the Call button to immediately place a call to a predefined care team recipient without having to interact with the Genie.

The direct calling feature is disabled by default. From the Administration Console, Administrators can enable the Direct Call option and add a direct call recipient (User, Group, or Address Book Entry) to the user profile.

To add and update user profiles in bulk with care team connect features, update the Direct Call and Direct Call Target columns in the user-template.csv file and import it. See The Users Template in the Vocera Voice Server Data-Loading Reference Guide.

For device-specific information, See Care Team Connect sections in the Vocera B-Series Badge User Guide and Vocera V-Series Smartbadge User Guide.