Calling Between Sites

Users in a deployment with multiple sites can place their most common calls as they always do.

To call a user who is at their current site, or to call a user whose home site is the same as their current site, they can simply use their normal voice commands.

However, calling users, groups, or address book entries at any arbitrary site is a two-step process:

  1. Explicitly connect to the home site or current site of the person you are calling. For example:

    Connect to Santa Cruz.

  2. Issue a voice command as you normally do. For example:

    Call April Buckley.

Similarly, if you are logging in at a site you are visiting you must connect to your home site first:

  1. Press the Call button, then wait to hear the log-in prompt.

  2. Connect to your home site. For example:

    Connect to Santa Cruz.

  3. When you hear the next log-in prompt, log in by saying or spelling your name as usual. For example:

    April Buckley

If you did not log out before you left your previous site, your badge will roam and automatically connect you to the site you are visiting.

See the “Communicating with Multiple Sites” chapter in the Vocera Badge User Guide for complete information about using sites in voice commands.