Testing a User Login

After you enable an Active Directory configuration, you are ready to test whether a user can use the Active Directory connection to log into Vocera Voice Server applications such as the Administration Console, User Console, and Staff Assignment.

To login successfully, the specified Login Map Field on the Active Directory must have a valid Vocera Voice Server user ID.

To test a user login using Active Directory authentication:

  1. In the Active Directory Configuration list, select a configuration with an active connection. The value in its Connection Status field must be "Connected."
  2. Click Test Login.

    The Test Active Directory User Login dialog box appears.

    Note: If the Connection Status of the Active Directory configuration is "Not connected," an error message appears when you click Test Login.
  3. Enter the Active Directory user and password, and then click Test.
  4. A dialog box displays information about whether the login was successful. Click Close.
  5. Click Close to close the Test Active Directory Login dialog box.