Administrative Groups

Members of this administration group log into the Administration Console with their own user ID and password, but have full administrative privileges.

You should use the default Administrator/admin login only for initial access to the Administration Console. After initial access, you should create an administrative group, grant it the Perform System Administration permission, and populate it with members who will be system administrators.

The Perform System Administration permission includes all Vocera permissions except for three that administrators do not need. See System Administrator Permissions.

Vocera recommends using an administration group because the Vocera Report Server provides auditing capabilities that allow you to determine which user ID modified the database, and when the changes occurred. If multiple administrators use the default login, you cannot determine which individual made changes.

The Perform System Administration permission overrides any permissions revoked by membership in other groups, unless the Perform System Administration permission is revoked itself. For example, if a change to corporate policy prohibits toll calls, you can revoke Call Toll Numbers in the Everybody group. However, the Perform Server Administration permission overrides this setting,